I haven't been into the news, or blogging, much at all this month. It's happened to me before (i.e. last October), and I am sure it will happen again. Just not interested. Perhaps it is post-Iraq letdown. The drip, drip, drip of human blood in Iraq is not very interesting or speedy compared to the flashy war that has led to it.

Meanwhile I have been spending time over at the Free State Project forums. In particular there is a fun argument/discussion on anarchy over there, that I've been pounding words about. I came in about here, and the thread goes on for pages. If you like a nice heated discussion, and you like anarchy, maybe you'll like it.

Meanwhile, if you by some chance are reading this page and have not already found out about the Free State Project - well, what are you waiting for? Liberty in our Lifetime is their motto, and they are probably the best chance libertarians are going to have to make a difference, before the Federal government brings ruin on us all.

Update - that thread got merged. My entry into a now much-longer thread is here. Read onward from that for some sweet old usenet-style back-n-forth. Naturally, nobody is convinced of anything. But we all sure look pretty doing it!
Rule of Dolts - Ah, democracy! Or should we call it ignocracy? Found this at the pollingreport website:
"Which one of the current Supreme Court Justices do you most admire or agree with?" Open-ended question

Sandra Day O’Connor 11
Antonin Scalia 6
Clarence Thomas 5
Ruth Bader Ginsburg 3
Anthony M. Kennedy 2
William H. Rehnquist 2
Stephen G. Breyer 1
David Souter -
John Paul Stevens -
Other names 2
Don't know any names 68
So only 30(±3)% of the American people have the minimal ability to name a Supreme? Argh. Meet the new boss.