Interesting "local interest" story about a poor kid who got a scholarship to the University of Maryland:

Dontay moved from place to place as a boy, from the Park Heights area to North Avenue to East Lafayette Avenue to Cockeysville. He attended a string of elementary schools. If and when his mother was around, she wouldn't make him or his siblings go to school, so some of them didn't.

But Dontay did.

"Maybe I liked the school. Maybe I felt wanted at the school," he says. "Plus, they had meals, so we could eat."

Of course, this is just one kid out of thousands in failing school systems. And it is by no means clear he will succeed in life (though that looks likely now). Nonetheless, people like Dontay are proof that the American dream is alive and well. Some people have drive and will succeed whereever they find themselves. Others, won't. Victimhood politicians are always going to have problems when there are living refutations of their ideas around.

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