Speaking of Jim's blog, I really liked this post.
Statistics are wonderful in that they provide an authoritative measure of the harm that curfews and other Israeli actions cause, but they also serve to distract. They shift the discussion from morals to utility. The curfews are not wrong because malnutrition has doubled or tripled or quadrupled. They are wrong because innocent people should not be punished for crimes they did not commit. They are wrong becuase collective punishment is wrong.
Right on! I think the mass action in Nablus is very interesting. Mass oppression must work in part by keeping people separate, so they cannot join and oppose with their full strength. Protests like this may serve to give strength to the Palestinian people. Of course they have a power of sort from the actions of their terrorist minority. But this is different, because it is a power that should be theirs and that they are reaching for peacefully. The West must respect it. Peace is the way, not murder/war.

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