The War Nerd - Via Steve Sailer, I found the War Nerd. This guy is extreme un-PC, which helps when discussing war from a strategic point of view. As a fellow war nerd but socially conditioned liberal, I couldn't help but laugh at some of his lines. Here's one of his better efforts, an article about the wars in Central Africa:
The Hutu and the Tutsi are real law-abiding, organized people. If you've only heard about them from the genocide news out of Rwanda, that might seem surprising. But...well, to understand this you have to be willing to tell the bitter truth. And here it is: the people who do genocide best are law-abiding, decent, stand-up folks. Strange but true. Take the Germans: wouldn't hurt a fly...unless someone in uniform told them to. Then they would fry every fly on the planet.
The analysis of some of the more obscure wars on the planet is good:
So the two countries [Eritrea and Ethiopia] decided to fight over the crummiest, most worthless land around: a triangle of scrub around the town of Badme, where the border was hard to define. Both sides had plenty of manpower, even after fifteen years of border wars, because the Horn of Africa has some of the highest birthrates in the world. A whole new generation of kids was ready for call-up. The Eritrean leader, Issaias, said he was glad that the new “Coca-Cola generation” of Eritreans were going to get the chance to see what his generation had gone through. (Issaias has an AK round imbedded in his skull, which may explain this comment.)

While the US fumbled around doing its usual “Now can't y'all shake hands and be friends?” routine, the Ethiopians went on a shopping spree: MiGs, antitank missiles, radar systems - if it was on sale and came in olive drab, they bought it. The Eritreans, with less capital, went for construction, making their “Skyline Trenches” even deeper, stronger, more impregnable.
Now can't y'all shake hands and be friends?

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