Meta - I finally decided to change my template in order to put the content on the left. The point of that is faster loading - it often seems to take an extraordinarily long time (in computer years) to load the site counter and the blogger link. I have the feeling that this way will allow you, my dear reader, to read while those things load, or fail to load.

While I was there, I twiddled and added to the blogroll. "Always" blogs are the ones that publish a lot, and which I read a lot. "Occasional" are either publish-sometimes (like Unruled), or I only read sometimes. But they are places that I do visit from time to time, at least, so I really ought to link 'em.

New links in the blogroll: first, the Corner. NRO is often objectionable, but their blog is one of the more fun and readable ones. They natter at each other. They bleg for information from readers (beg + blog = bleg). And even when they are wrong, it is often at least in an interesting way.

I just discovered Anticipatory Retaliation in Jane Galt's comments. Popping over I found an interesting page; check out his analysis of the development of advanced infantry tech. It's very new, though, so on probation - can he keep up the volume?

I have read all of Bill Whittle's (Eject^3) postings since he has started. He is a great essayist. He's also on the wrong side of war and peace; but he has libertarian instincts within the borders so he may be reachable. Meanwhile the essays are worth reading if only as a study of how to write influence pieces.

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