Live Free or Die - The FSP has voted. It's New Hampshire. Woo-hoo!

Judging from the comments on their forums, a goodly number of them will be moving almost immediately. Others will be waiting for the 20000 membership level; but I have the feeling that is less important than having made the right choice. If Wyoming had been selected, I think a lot of people would be sitting back, waiting to make 20000 before commiting. But there's jobs in NH, so, there's a lot less planning and risk required to move there. There are a lot of libertarian leaning people out there that are not going to feel the need to officially join up with the FSP in order to move to NH. They're just gonna do it. So I don't think it really matters that much if the FSP makes 20k or not. The important thing is, libertarians have collectively made a decision to focus on a state.

Now the work begins.

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