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Via Billy Beck, just discovered (possible re-) Presence of Mind. All sorts of interesting stuff there; go play. This post got me hooked. It's funny, snotty, and the libertarians triumph in a little way!
I have always been very careful to insulate my son Cameron, just turned twelve a month ago, from my beliefs. He knows what they are, if only because he hears me talking to my wife ... I can't help it that Cameron knows what I think, but I can make damn sure that he knows what he thinks.

This is an issue right now because of an assignment he has in his Language class. (I have no idea what Language, as distinct from language, might be; presumably it's an excuse for not teaching English.) The assignment, the momentous '6th Grade Fall Project,' is due today. This is the challenge the sixth graders (note that in language, as distinct from Language, positive cardinal and ordinal numbers below 13 are spelled out) must surmount:
Assignment: You are designing a building or complex that would benefit your community in some way. You will present your building or complex to the class as if they are the City Council. You are attempting to get the 'City Council' to approve your proposal.

  1. 400 or more word essay that explains why you chose this particular project. You must include where you got the idea and how you created your model.

    • A. Model: Create a model of your building for the 'City Council' to see. Make sure you can carry it into class.
    • B. Blueprints: On poster board or large pieces of construction paper, draw your designs out. Make sure we get a clear picture of what you want.
    • C. PowerPoint presentation: You may create a PowerPoint presentation. Again, you must give a clear idea of what your building or complex looks like.

  3. Presentation: You will present your idea to the class. The presentation must be 2-4 minutes in length. Practice this at home and time it.
There is no limit to what I can find to hate in this assignment.

The kid comes up with a great idea: Robin Hood, Inc.:
At Robin Hood, Incorporated, we believe that so-called "community investments" which lose money are not investments. An investment that loses money is not an investment at all! It's just an oxymoron! So we take these so-called "community investments" and liquidate their valuable assets, raze or sell the structures, and sell the real estate back into the free market.
Good grade!

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