A New Iraq Exit Strategy

This is brilliant:
The Clash Referendum:

... why don't we let the Iraqis democratically vote us out of Iraq? Let's announce that we will abide by the will of the Iraqi people as expressed in a national referendum on, say, June 30. The ballot will have just one question on it:

Should we stay or should we go?

If the Iraqis vote 'go,' then we go (within, say, 60 days). In leaving, we give the Arab world an impressive object lesson in how the United States of America believes in democracy and the rule of law. We leave with our honor intact.

If they vote 'stay,' well, then we're stuck there, but at least we've shown the world we're wanted.

Greg Cochran came up with the idea.
Of course, we don't really believe in democracy for the wogs, so this won't happen. But it is a great idea from the POV of finding a way to back out with face saved.

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