An icon for Unruled

Blogger now allows uploading of images. I am trying to use it to add a favicon to this blog. A favicon is one of the cute little pictures you see in your browser next to a webpage's name or address.

Here's mine:

Update: it worked. Unfortunately it appears the file I uploaded (a png) got automatically jpegged, and the parameters used were not favorable. Hence the non-smooth background. Have to fix that.


Anonymous said...

One of the many reasons I left blogger was that I could not easily upload images without employing a third party to do the hosting. Between problems at blogger in those days and problems at my first hoster, I was driven quite nuts. (I also had to employ a separate third party comments hoster in those days too and between blogger sometimes booting them and the comment poster blowing up .... well, you get the jist. Went to typepad and have been happy since day one -- something like 2 years now is it?


WorldTrader said...
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GT said...

I suspect that WorldTrader is an asshole spammer

Leonard said...

I think you're right. Zap.