My Offerings

I did a week of guestblogging over at Unqualified Offerings. I supposed I should link the writing I did, so's I can find it later if I want:

  • a post on Cuzan's idea that we're always in anarchy
  • a metareview of Derb's review of POD
  • a snit at the tendancy to ignore genetics and extrapolate from correlation to causation
  • a comment on a Rothbard article, suggesting that it be read mindful of Free Software

You might also look at the week in general for other postings' comments, since I was pretty active in jumping into many of the threads.

One minor little story about the UfOing worth telling. I like to know who's writing what I am reading before I start. UO (and many blogs) don't do that automatically. It's fine for a solo blog (like this) to elide bylines; there will never be a guest blogger here unless I find myself strangely being read enough to matter. But in a group blog (as UO was, for a week) I find it annoying to have no bylines. In my first post, I explained this, and I posted my name at the top. Without any further prompting (from me, anyway), my co-bloggers for the week adopted the practice! Anarchy in action.

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