World Cup Broken

Steve Sailer puts my feelings about soccer perfectly:
Americans simply can't watch soccer on TV without making lists of all the ways we'd fix the game to make it better. We're reformers and improvers and tinkerers by nature, and it drives us crazy to see something with the potential of soccer that is mired in primitive rules.

This reminds me of the P.J. O'Rourke bit about Russia, where he observes the post-Communist level of competition and thinks it's not quite there. He just wants to bring in a few Americans, grandmother types, who would whip the restaurant he's in into shape in a few days with liberal applications of American commonsense, niceness, and cleaning products.


Anonymous said...

Ah yes! I see! the American is doing very well in Iraq. Certainly with American innovation, resilience,...blah...blah..blah, Iraq certainly now is a better place :) And don't forget the South America. With years of meddling (sometimes in the open, sometimes in secret), I bet all Latin American countries love the American style of "democracy" very much. The American certainly know how to correct mistakes and fix the rules :)

Leonard said...

Anon, it's a good point. This is why we ought to mind our own business, not the world's. Pity that we're not pissing off the world by forceably tinkering w/ soccer (which we'd at least not kill people doing), as opposed to trying to tinker w/ societies. Which never works, but that doesn't stop us.

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