Mencius Moldbug on the financial crisis. Pithy quote amuses me:
Accounting is boring. Or at least, it should be boring. If it's not, something is probably up.
(Hear, hear.)


Anonymous said...

This blog is dead. Too many diapers to change, I guess. Amazing how kids can change priorities.

Leonard said...

Not dead, just in the process of dying. Moldbug mentioned as much to me in email a few weeks back. I think that he is going through much what I did, when I stopped seriously blogging, except for that he's written probably 100x what I did. But you get to a point where it seems worthless. The archive is there for anyone who want to read my thoughts of the early aughts. And what's the point of saying the same thing over and over?

'Course, I wish Mencius would tackle some of the harder challenges that have been made to his ideas. I don't think neocameralism is really tapped out as a topic. But hey, it's his blog. And as you say -- diapers.