I drove up to NYC yesterday to attend blogapalooza NYC. It was a lot of fun to meet other bloggers and see if they are like normal people. Mostly, they are. But they tend to talk a lot. I felt like the only introvert there. There were a lot of smart people there. I talked to lots of them -- forgive me on the names (or lack thereof) for what follows.

I talked to Edie about dating and daring (hers). I got into lots of conversations I could only hear part of. Loud bar. I talked with Megan about the Times (she's a critic). I had an actual conversation about anarchocapitalism not of my instigation with Jim from objectionable content. That was cool. Anyone wants to charm me, just ask me about David Friedman.

Right now I can't figure out how to get back to the RSVP list, so my names are purely from memory. Unk. Once I get the list I can hopefully dress this up. UPDATE -- got it, thanks Jane. Names and pix added.

I talked to Mindless Dreck for a while before I put 2 (more than zero sum) and 2 (him) together. That was a cool lightbulb moment. There was some discussion of anonymity/exposure and blogging.

Then, let's see. Dr. Weevil was expansive and charming. Then I met Ravenwolf and had to admire her from near for a bit. Lots of other people met who I have not mentioned. Y'all probably know better than I who you are.

After hanging around in the bar for a few hours shouting at each other, eventually hunger won out and we all went out for pizza. Pizza! NYC! These things are made for each other, and it always amazes me in the City how you just sort of walk around a corner, and there is pizza, and it is good pizza.

Anyway, I am sure you are just here for the pictures. Let's get to 'em. Those pictured: if you don't want to be shown, let me know and I will remove you. If you have more information (like, name of blog), I hope to suck all that off the RSVP list once Jane tells me where it is again. But feel free to mail me if you want.

First, the mysterious Jane Galt, pictured on the web for the first time! Jane's site I really need to stick over there on the left since I read it all the time. But I am lazy. Kudos to Jane for organizing.

Clay and Sasha. Clay's site.

Elizabeth Spiers, of Capital Influx.

Jim, of Objectionable Content.

Max Jacobs, of Common Sense.

Ken Goldstein of The Illuminated Donkey.

Nick and Dr. Weevil. Nick Marsala (not a very good shot of him, oh well), on the left, from arrogant rants. His vile reputation is spoiled by his demeanor in person. He's a low maintenance loving guy! That's Dr W on the right; I just read his blog for the first time, and I am impressed. Go doc go!

Liz, from nycbloggers.com. Her co-author/programmer Matt was also there, but he escaped photography. A lot of people did, actually. But I actually learned his name and site, so what the heck.

Paul Frankenstein and Ravenwolf. Paul's blog. Raven likes the camera, and it likes her right back. I suppose she has a name other than that, but I never learned it.

More Raven. Right: the linkup.

Sasha Castel, la blogatrice.

Me, caught talking (rather untypical).

Another update: ravenwolf has more text and pictures.

Yet another update: Dr. Weevil has a comment, and a link to pictures.

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