Regulation Blue - In the Spectator, Rod Liddle wonders
how much we are paying for petty regulations and public incompetence:
Someone from my five-year-old son’s school rang me on my mobile phone to tell me that he’d had a very nasty accident. She was sketchy about the details, but said that Tyler was quite badly hurt and needed to be taken to both a casualty department and a dentist. ... at casualty the doctors were mystified. ‘There’s nothing wrong with him,’ they said, ‘nothing at all.’ In fact, there was no sign of any injury whatsoever.

What had happened was this: a child had let a door bang shut in his face. It must have hurt the kid, for a bit.

Later that evening, someone from the school rang again. ‘We’re undertaking a full review of our policy with regard to doors,’ she assured us. ‘Doors,’ the woman added, ‘are an accident waiting to happen.’
The nanny-state in action.

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