Revealed Preference - Taxes are involuntary. But how many of those advocating higher taxes really mean it? In the Boston Herald, evidence. It seems that Massachusetts has an opt-in program encouraging taxpayers to pay a higher rate:
Here's the latest update on how many concerned Massachusetts residents are opting to pay their income taxes at the optional, higher 5.85 percent rate rather than at the standard 5.3 percent rate.

According to the Department of Revenue, of 855,786 filers thus far this year, 345 have generously chosen to pay at the higher rate, although those opting for the higher charges pay practically no taxes anyway.

The gesture by the 345 good liberals has raised $34,668, which means they each had an average annual income of approximately $20,000.

Surely there must be some mistake - the state's newspapers have printed far in excess of 345 letters from concerned citizens demanding higher taxes, and that doesn't even include all the deeply concerned editorial writers who have weighed in in favor of confiscatory tax rates.

To put it another way, thus far 0.0004 percent of Massachusetts' taxpayers have endorsed the mantra of higher taxes - with their own wallets.
Let me summarize that: .0004% of taxpayers actually believe in higher taxes. This is no surprise to me, and should be no surprise to any but the most starry-eyed and foolish socialist. Nonetheless, it's worth repeating: taxation is involuntary wealth appropriation. Y'all liberals, every time you don't voluntarily pay more (and the state will always accept more) are revealing what you really think. You can talk all you want about being willing to raise taxes, but what you really mean is you want other people to be forced to pay more, to be spent on things you like.

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