Gay Marriage: Woohoo!

A great decision in Mass. Garth writes a good bit about it.

I know there are a few libertarians that oppose it. The argument can be made: state-sponsored marriage gives unwarranted privilege (which is true), such as the privilege to force an insurer to cover you simply because they cover the spouse. Expanding marriage expands this rights violation. But that must be weighed against what marriage offers: some of the most fundamental rights that humans have. The right to proxy decisions. The right not to be forced to do certain things against your will (i.e., to testify against a loved one). And the right to control your own property: to have less taxes stolen from your income, or as inheritance. These and many other aspects of marriage are freedoms that everyone ought to have; expanding them to allow gays to have them too isn't much, but it is something.

Of course, the symbolic aspect of this decision is huge. It won't have much effect on the real world - gays are a small minority, after all. But it's a huge win for human liberty.

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