The parable of the pie

Once there was a man who loved apple pie. But he didn't know how to make it. He knew how to make pumpkin pie. His neighbor was a friend, and sometimes he would take a pumpkin pie over to share with her. Sometimes she would make an apple pie and bring it over to share with him.

One day they were talking, and he asked her: How do you make such wonderful pie? She said, well, it's not hard. Just apples, crust, and spice. Spice? he said. Yes, spice - nutmeg and cinnamon. I see, he said.

So the man thought, now I can make my own apple pies. He put cream, eggs, apples, nutmeg and cinnamon in the blender, and whipped them up. Then he poured the pies and baked them. It wasn't very good.

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