Back when I was watching Farscape, and complaining to scifi friends about how nobody would stay dead, everyone (and I mean everyone!) was telling me that I would love Buffy. That was before I had seen a single episode. Having now watched all of Buffy (except the season 7) via the magic of my Replay device (a DVR), I can confidently say: they were right! Joss rules. Joss kills 'em like flies, and at least some of 'em stay down. I don't ask for all of 'em. Just some. Thanks, Joss.

Now we have on radar a remake - er, "reimagining" of Battlestar Galactica. I vaguely recall the original series, having been the perfect target demographic at the time. But I have no strong attachment. The new thing... any good? Well, I'll see tonight. I have #1 on the DVR, with #2 slated to air tonight. Meanwhile, this review makes it sound quite promising: "this is definitely one of the darkest sci-fi shows I’ve seen in a while."

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