Jim Henley's blogging has gotten noticed. He has a perceptive piece in The American Spectator
The conservative charge that Democratic candidates for president want to 'cut and run' from Iraq is unjust, which is too bad. We'd have a genuine debate then. With the partial exceptions of the minor candidates, the Democratic presidential candidates rush to assure us that we must stay the course. ... Their metamessage is that this election, to exhume a phrase, is about competence, not ideology; the chorus from the December 9 debate in New Hampshire: We'll fix Iraq better.

How? There is a single answer: Get foreigners to do it!"
As Jim says: "We'll get more international help is not a policy, it's a hope." Quite so. The opposite of engagement is disengagement, which makes sense to me. But clearly the American people are not ready for it; most are pro-war know-nothings. But the bike-path left aren't going to win with pro-war-lite. Prowar intellectuals correctly understand that war is committing, and if you are to do it you must do it "right". Doing it right - that's exactly what real anti-war intellectually are afraid of. Go read up on your War Nerd if you are a bike-pather and don't really understand war.

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