hi tony!

who are you?

i run a blog about anarchy. it's not really important. i'm a huge tony pierce fan, you know?

no. ok.

so now that you have carpal tunnel, you lose control. so i figure you can interview.

i'm interviewing you?

yes. or me you, whatever. it's cool. ask me why I am doing it.

don't be stupid, just tell me.

mainly just wanted to help. but I thought it would be cool to do something different. my blog is mostly boring shit. well interesting to me, but i know what most people think about politics. you know, policy this, analyze that, etc etc. like all the others. you know, instapundit but only posting once a day or less.

a lot of the others are great blogs.

yeah but i don't admire them the way i do you. i mean glenn reynolds is a machine, no question of that. i'd like to be a machine too, but there are other things i'd rather be.

like what?

rich, famous, you know the drill.

blogwise, dummy

well just check over on the left for "writing i'm reading". i gotta add a few, been lazy. but for example: gummi is demented, weird and wonderful and i wish i could write like that.

you wanna be demented? maybe that's your problem

maybe so. ok maybe i don't want to be gummi. her health sucks anyway. but check out dawn olsen, she's not demented and she seems pretty darn happy. and her stuff isn't weird or funny usually, but she cranks out a lot of it and a lot of it is good. i can't write that much. and even if i could i would never be that open. the woman has serious nads.

yeah dawn is great. she's cool in person too.

lileks is happy. he's pro so i guess he doesn't count. how about madison? she seems super cool too. i just got into her via you and dawn.

she's nice. she's different in person than on her blog.

see that's the thing. what you guys have going on is a cool blog personality. doesn't matter what you are like in real life. of course i can tell you are sweet and strong and super cool, gummi is weird and super cool, and dawn is totally out and super cool.

what's your blog again?

you have it linked, dude. i linked you up in the drive to 100, before you had the list up, cause I love tony pierce, not for some reverse whoring. i hate self promotion, mostly refuse to do it.

you hold that against me?

no. as i was telling my friend, sure tony extorted the blogosphere. but he's worth it. if I started doing that shit holding out for links, nobody would care. but everyone reads you, and everyone loves your stuff. my rule is, if I read it more than a few times, link it. if I don't, don't. pretty simple. so when i saw you were going for links, i realized i should have already linked you and i updated my links.

by that logic I should delink you

yup, makes no difference to me. this is one way love. keep it up.

you could show the love at the tip jar

i've thought about that, but there are more important things in the world to me than supporting bloggers. i figure i do it for free, so why not anyone else?

so my time is worthless.

no, just that i am not paying for it. our liberty is more important than your entertaining me.

i guess so.

i think you'll eventually get a gig like lileks. you already have a national readership.

i'm working on that. but i still appreciate any and all support from you guys.

great. anyway i show the love in comments whenever you are sounding down and ask for it. but most of your stuff i don't really have anything to say about it. comments are for normal blogs more than your sort of thing.

i wish i got more comments

and now that you're laid out, i am trying to help with this.


yeah, what do you think i just transcribed it? nothing here is true, you know that. making shit like this up is hard.

no it's not. i do an interview in 20 minutes. tracking down pictures is what takes the longest

well that's why you're a blogstar and i am an insignificant microbe. this is hard work for me. taken me an hour so far.

blogstar. where'd you get that?

heard it? don't know. pay attention. you have a gift. you are taking the form somewhere, doing something with it that is new. the medium is message, maybe. new medium, what's the message?

everyone is equal?

i don't know myself. you're not equal. that mcluhan is probably bullshit anyway. point is you have a great blog and i think it represents some small bit of the future. that's interesting. the blog as virtual salon, with you as the host with most.

well i really appreciate the praise.

rock on, tony pierce.

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