I am against war in Iraq. However, if the USA does attack Iraq, it should make a new state of out Kurdistan.

In fact, the USA should create a Kurdistan now. There is no need to attack Iraq, either. From the times: Kurds, Secure in North Iraq, Are Cool to a U.S. Offensive:

Protected by a "safe haven" declared by the United Nations and a "no-flight zone" patrolled by American and British warplanes, the Kurds, with barely 40,000 troops and only light weapons, have built a 17,000-square-mile mini-state that arcs across a 500-mile stretch of Iraqi territory bordering Syria, Turkey and Iran. ... In this "liberated area" of soaring mountains, fertile foothills and semi-desert, the Kurds have built a society with freedoms denied to the rest of Iraq's population.

The Kurdish-controlled area has opposition parties and newspapers, satellite television and international telephone calls, and an absence of the repressive apparatus that has prompted international human rights organizations to brand Mr. Hussein's Iraq a terror state.

The drawback is that all this exists outside international law, and could be made permanent only by a new government in Baghdad that embraced freedoms for all of Iraq.

Why does this exist outside international law? What good is international law if people cannot secede? How is self determination possible without secession?

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