Market Efficiency: Is this for real? Well, anyway, apparently the market is functioning well in NYC. The drug market, that is: GAWKER EXCLUSIVE: The quest for the perfect coke dealer.
"I want it to be run like a real business. Like, 'here, we have our people,' and they come. The people who bring me pot - they're like that. You call a number; they're there in ten minutes. Every time, any time. They're these cute indie rocker bike messengers. I really like that. But it's the nature of the drug - the service, you know, because you've all of a sudden you've gotta screen people for not stealing it, and cutting it, and I guess that's where the problem comes."

She pauses.

"And the illegality of it," she adds.
Well, certainly an entrepreneurial opportunity here. How much longer will the insane war on (some) drugs continue?

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