Secession in Michigan: This is great!
It all began when the Omer city government promised to extend the existing water line to connect the new home the Perrys were building, but halfway through construction, the government changed its tune, claiming the city government's coffers were bare and it couldn't afford the pipeline extension. ... [but] Omer is still levying taxes on the Perrys for providing water!—a tax bill for service the Perry's weren't even getting.

In an interview Cheryl Perry had a very common sense reaction to this action by Omer's governmental bureaucracy: "I don't feel I should have to pay because I don't get the water."
Such effrontery!
When petitioning one's government for redress of grievances proved to be a farce, Cheryl Perry turned the tables on the bureaucrats: if she had to pay the tax because she lived in Omer, she would secede from Omer and take her new house and land with her.
And she did! A tiny hint of the power of anarchy in action. When there is competition for government services, when you can take your business elsewhere effectively, there is an inherent limit on the ability of the state to screw you over.

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