Protest: I attended the antiwar rally in Washington. I had intended to meet up with Jim Henley and his crew, but that did not come off as planned. So I walked to the rally by myself, and spent the first half hour or so wandering around the edges of the crowd. Lots and lots of lefties. The crowd was very white given the general makeup of the left in America, and also given that it was meeting in the middle of a city full of African Americans. "No blood for oil" and Bush hatred leave me cold as antiwar arguments. War is the health of the state - that's the argument that matters to me. No taxes for war. No liberty for oil. Aggressive war is evil.

Eventually I found some people with libertarian Party signage, so I went over and introduced myself and stood with them. They had cleverly positioned themselves where people were walking around the edge of the demonstration, so they could hand out propoganda, but enough to the side of the stage and speakers so that we could not make out what the speakers were saying. Met some interesting folks, very normal seeming libertarians. Eventually Jim found me and we chatted briefly, but it was already 12:30 by that time. I had a lunch date with my brother so I took off.

I need to get a big Gadsden flag for this kind of thing. That way the few other anarchists and libertarians who might be there can see where to meet.

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