African AIDS Scandal - If this turns out to be true, it's a huge scandal. Review of Research finds most African AIDS caused by dirty needles.
United States researchers [found that] most HIV infections in Africa result from dirty medical needles.

The suggestion that the spread of the virus that can cause Aids is closely linked to unsafe medical care challenges widely held scientific views.

The research estimates that about 60% of people with HIV in Africa become infected mainly through contaminated needles rather than through sexual contact, but the UNAids organisation puts the figure at nearer 5%. ...

The US researchers reviewed hundreds of studies on HIV transmission across Africa, going back 20 years, and concluded the main cause was the use of dirty needles for medical injections.
Here's some commentary at medpundit:
My very first thought when I read this was, “My God! Medical professionals reuse needles in Africa?” My second thought was, “Why would any organization object to the findings?” It’s much easier to provide clean needles than to change people’s sexual behavior.

Then, I read the study. It turns out that the crux of its argument is that before 1988, when the public health community adopted a consensus opinion that AIDS was transmitted in Africa mostly through heterosexual sex, there was plenty of statistical evidence that the HIV epidemic in Africa was caused by dirty medical needles. That evidence, according to the authors, was not only ignored, but suppressed by the world public health community...
A link to a pdf file of the study can be found at medpundit.

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