Victim Worship - Essentially everyone I know I would consider a feminist (meaning, someone who believes in the political and moral equality of women; that women should be allowed to vote, own property, have equal access to the justice system, etc.). But only a minority self-identify as "feminist". Some people - mostly women - don't get why the majority of American women now eschew the label. Well, it's for reasons like this: in Harvard Crimson some foolish young woman writes proudly of destroying artwork for political reasons. The artwork was a penis, you see... an awful, threatening, rape-inspiring, sexually abusive male-dominating penis.

"Feminism" has largely achieved its political aims. Anyone who does not realize that is a fool. But success is never the end of radical ideologues, nor fund-raising institutions. The professional feminists have had their raison d'etre subverted by their success, and have gone on to new, more radical ideas. They took their label with them; and that is why people no longer identify as "feminist", even though they are.

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