Security: A man with knack for meeting people he's not supposed to.
The Rev. Richard "Rich" Weaver, nicknamed "Handshake Man" because of his knack for getting up close and personal with the high and mighty, struck again yesterday morning. ... Weaver, a nondenominational Christian minister from Sacramento, crashed the National Prayer Breakfast at the Washington Hilton, breezing through the ballroom entrance without a ticket and handed President Bush what he later described as an eight-page typed "message from God" about Iraq.

"It's just God, buddy," Weaver [said]. "They asked everyone else for a ticket. They didn't ask me." With his conservative blue suit, neat haircut and hearty, gregarious manner, Weaver easily passed through the metal detector. "I don't try to sneak in," Weaver explained. "I just go where I feel like God wants me to go."
The most heavily protected person in America, and a borderline loony can walk right up to him. He did walk through a metal-detector. Nonetheless, it's a bit surprising.

It's also wonderfully American.

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